Our Services

Our company assist clients by servicing all types of firefighting equipment. We also replace parts and material with SANS 1475 approved parts and material where necessary to ensure the safety on your property is according to Department of Labour regulations.

Our SAQCC safety advisors will do an inspection with you to ensure that the safety of your staff and property is up to standard. Our company issues service certificates in this regard.


We are one of a few SABS 1475 manufacturing fire extinguisher service companies who assist clients to survey, set up and ensure that the installation of your firefighting equipment complies with the department of labour and all insurance companies.

We also issue a compliance certificate for that effect.

New Supply

We supply the following SABS approved firefighting equipment:
Maximum protection DCP/STP; Multi Protection DCP/STP; Mini Protection DCP/STP; Vehicle Protection DCP/STP; Maxi Trolley DCP/STP; Mini Trolley DCP/STP; Multi Protection Co2; Mini Protection Co2; Complete Hose reels; Fire Hydrants (Complete); CP Valves; 30 m High pressure hoses; Lay flat hoses; Steel cabinets for DCP, Co2 extinguishers and Hose Reels; First Aid kids; Fire Alarms.


Our company has a Premier Maintenance Agreement with associated benefits to you and is valid for a period of three (3) to (5) five years from date of signing. You are guaranteed receiving priority attention. All labor and travelling has set prices with a minimum annual increase. Servicing to take place annually and immediately after equipment has been used or tampered with. Only trained, qualified Safety Engineers will attend to your fire protection equipment. You qualify for discount on all fees for fire training for your staff.

Evacuation Plans

Dumela Diamond Fire Services can assist with your evacuation plans.

We do the firefighting training as well as fire drills to ensure the safety of your staff, clients and property.

OHS Compliance

Our company is very strict with OHS  (Occupational Health and Safety) Compliance cultures. All our safety engineers have a copy of our OHS file with them at all times and adapted it to each client’s site they visit to create a safe working environment, considering our client, their staff and property.


Our Company issue the following certificates:
– Compliance certificate – to confirm property complies with Dept. of Labour regulations.
– Service certificate – confirming equipment was serviced according to SABS Mark 1475.
– SAFIA (South African Fire Institute Association) compliance certificates.
– Certificates for fire training completed and passed.

Standard of Service

Our company has more than 120 years experience and a very high service standard as we cater for a variety of Corporate Clients and Government Departments, small businesses and households. Client safety is our first priority. Dumela Diamond Fire Service Africa strive to meet our client’s expectations in respect of safety and savings and provide a professional service.